We offer you a wealth of business solutions based on our professional expertise in:

  • STRATEGY: strategic planning, corporate strategy, business unit strategy, company growth, vision & mission, portfolio management, business plan
  • MARKETING: branding (naming, architecture, design), communications & advertising, pricing, consumer insights, CRM, customer satisfaction, digital marketing, retail marketing, pricing
  • SALES: activation & execution, distribution, channel management, store optimization, sales training, sales effectiveness, mystery shopping, loyalty programs, POS
  • MARKET EXPANSION: market research, segment / country analysis, opportunity study, distribution channels, import-export partner identification, set up & registration
  • INNOVATION: new product development, ideation workshop, prototype creation & testing, disruptive & breakthrough, innovation culture
  • ANALYTICS & DATA: marketing return-on-investment, sales effectiveness, portfolio analysis, competition benchmark, statistics, database
  • ORGANIZATION: leadership, roles and responsibilities, systems and processes, capability building, culture, change management
  • SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS: brainstorming, coaching, training, team building, skill enhancement, intercultural management

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