Our professional expertise extends throughout the following sectors and industries:

  • BEVERAGE: wine, beer, whisky, liquors, juice, non-alcoholic, soda, water
  • FOOD: gastronomy, organic food, processed food, restaurants, service
  • LUXURY: jewelry, watches, fashion, beauty, cars, hotels, art
  • RETAIL: superstore, boutique stores, merchandising, shopper journey
  • TOBACCO: cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, tobacco derivatives
  • HOSPITALITY: luxury hotels, lodging, event planning, theme parks, cruise line
  • AUTOMOTIVE: sports cars, vintage cars, sedan, SUV, motorbikes, OEM
  • TRAVEL & TRANSPORT: aviation, cars, rail, public transport, travel agencies, tours & packages
  • MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT: talent management, press, advertising, movie & theatre
  • ARTS & CULTURE: galleries, architecture & design, music, literature, performing arts, cultural institutions
  • FINANCIAL SERVICES: consumer banking, corporate & investment banking, insurance
  • HEALTHCARE: medicine manufacturers, hospitals, health insurances

See which services we offer and a selection of our clients.

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